Before Dank memes made their entrance into the World Wide Web, GIFs ruled the internet for some time. There is still a considerable amount of population on the internet that loves GIFs. When a brilliant guy who likes to build stuff and robots falls in love with GIFs, Peeqo is born. Abhishek Singh, a graduate of Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) at NYU made this amazing bot that responds to everything, only by short animated videos.


Peeqo says “Hi, Human!”

The reason Abhishek quotes for making this robot, aside from the fact that it’s awesome as hell, is because he feels that social robotics these days is not yet able to express its emotions or be relatable to the communication happening. But invention of peeqo has changed it all.

Now this bot is just not another video display thingy. It is at par with any other bot that you can communicate with, like Google Assistant or Alexa. You can use peeqo to switch your lights and fans on/off, record stuff from its inbuilt camera, thorugh voice commands. The only perk, peeqo responds with very clever and relatable gifs. If this is’t awesome, i don’t know waht is.

Abhishek also runs his own website, which looks pretty cool. He is also a coder, Designer, and also makes games. His other creations include a VR kit that helps you simulate how riding a dragon feels like, Shoes with inbuilt lights whose color can be changed through a smart phone, Glove Phone, amongst other things.

Peeqo also looks adorable, and is not chunky, but more like a pet you would love to have in the near future. And best of all, He made the whole thing Open source, meaning you can build your own Peeqo, folliwing the instructions he gave away here.