Check Out the Power Rangers Movie Trailer for the Series Reboot in 2017:

Everybody remembers watching the a group of kids fighting crime in Bright coloured costumes and showing off cheesy actions scenes. Power Rangers might be a thing of the past for everyone but the makers were obviously not done with it. We are getting a Power Rangers showdown again but this time as a live action movie. The first Power Rangers Movie Trailer has finally been released at NYCC 2016 and on the official facebook page. Check it out.

The old screaming and posing like a rock band is gone and the new Power Rangers are definitely trying to become more like modern day superheroes. With more ‘active’ villains who can actually move properly and boasting more intense and mature plot, the movie might seek attention because of the Nostalgia factor. Power Rangers 2017 has got Bryan Cranston to play Zordon, the leader and mentor of Power Rangers. Elizabeth Banks plays the role of villain, Rita Repulsa.


In the 1st Power Rangers movie trailer we don’t get to see the heroes in their new suits except for a few seconds at the end. The Zords also don’t get any screen time in this teaser trailer. Their is nothing particularly new in this trailer because couple of kids getting super powers and trying to save the world has been done many times before. The special effects are better than the series for sure but still feels cheesy at times.


Power Rangers have been made into movies a couple of times before but not as a proper feature film. This will be more of a nostalgia driven movie if it gets hit wrather than being something out of the box from the looks of it. The Zords didn’t appear in the trailer but have been teased in chracter posters. Tell us your opinion of the 1st Power Rangers Movie Trailer.