Netflix has dropped the trailer of ‘Sand Storm’. It is Israel’s entry for Oscars this year, under foreign language submission. It has already won the Cinema Grand Jury Prize this year at Sundance where the world premier took place. It also achieved six Ophir Awards for best director and best film. It is written and directed by Elite Zexer.

sand storm

Photo: Netflix

Netflix picked it up and will be releasing it worldwide on Netflix in December 15. This movie is about two women oppressed by coming marriages. The premise reads as ‘When a Bedouin patriarch takes a second bride, his first wife chafes against her changing status while his daughter chases her own dreams of autonomy’.

The critical review about the film has been positive. ‘Variety’ website said the follows “On the face of it, “Sand Storm” presents a familiar feminist tale of a teenaged girl trapped between her desire to control her destiny and the constraints of her traditional family. Yet this emotionally intelligent first feature offers a sympathetic but clear-eyed look at the tangled skein of inequalities that entrap women (and the men they love and resent) in a Bedouin village stranded between modernization and anachronistic patriarchy. Written and directed by a Jewish Israeli woman, Elite Zexer, and made with a Jewish-Arab crew, the film boasts alluring desert visuals, muscular acting and intricate psychology that should attract audiences for women’s movies, foreign art films and those who believe that melodrama still has a place in cinema”

Photo: Netflix

Stream Sand Storm on Netflix on December 15th. Click the video above to watch the trailer.