If you are reading this, there is good chance you belong to generation dubbed as the millennials. What’s a millennial you ask? Well, according to acclaimed British author, motivational speaker and part-time consultant, Simon Sinek, millennials are people born after 1983. So, now you know who are millennials in The Millennial Question.

It’s no surprise, our generation face problems that were once unheard of. Suicide rates are on all time high with depression rate just a teensy bit behind. Today, we have all the mind-boggling services and products to make our lives easier, and yet, a majority, if not all, are unhappy either with their jobs, or relationships or even, life.

I agree, it’s the same technology that has played a big role in our downfall, but for how long are we going to blame a lifeless, unspeakable tool for our own failures. We were supposed to use them and not the other way around. We imprisoned ourselves with our own inventions (Facebook for example). I can go on ranting about this stuff, but then I am just a small writer. Watch the above video titled The Millennial Question by Simon Sinek, that pinpoints the exact reasons why our generation, despite of living a comfortable life, is never happy.

The above video is an excerpt from an episode of Inside Quest with Tom Bilyeu. Full credit to Inside Quest. Simon Sinek appears regularly in Ted Talks. Here he hit millennials where it really hurts; talking about their addictions to the Internet, social media and their smart phones. He explains how this is causing more depression and a lack of true human interaction in America’s younger generation today.