In a sting operation carried out by Indian English-News channel CNN-News18, Superintendent of Police (SP) of PoK Mirpur range confirmed the surgical strikes carried out by India on 29th September. One of the reporters of the channel made contact with the SP under the guise of his superior officer, IG Mushtaq. On tape, Ghulam Akbar, the SP, is heard admitting that the surgical strikes had indeed taken place in many sectors on the early hours of September 29.

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“Sir, that was night…you can say roughly 3-4 hours… between 2 am and 4 or 5am… the attack continued between that time. There were attacks on separate places… several places were attacked… they also met resistance. “The Army brings them, sir… it is in their hands”

Not only this sting operation exposes the lies fabricated by Pakistan administration and media, it also proves India’s claim of Pakistan being epic-center of terrorism. The SP admits that the Pakistani Army protects the jihadi infrastructure in PoK, even from the local police and authorities. The army also facilitates jihadi movement in forward areas and arranges for their crossing over to India.

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The string operation directly implicates Pakistan government involvement with terrorist entities on their soil. Sure, the debaters will doubt the authenticity of the audio. And like the surgical strike, they will go to extreme lengths to falsify the audio. The audio is surely a nightmare for a country that has received over 600,000 signatures for designating it as a ‘state-sponsor of terrorism’. If the audio is proved to be true, even China will be unable to save Pakistan from being isolated completely in the global world. Right now, Pakistan has indeed lot in its plate.