Unlike DCEU, DC animated universe has well established itself with Original animated movies that are much better than its live-action counterparts. So, it was obvious that soon demons, magic and otherworldly powers will debut in DC animated universe. Up until now, the core Justice League team was enough to handle aliens and human threats. However, as seen in Justice League vs Teen Titans, they are no match in front of demons and magic, and to protect earth from such threats, a special team of supernatural beings is required. Hence, the new team called Justice League Dark.

For non-comic readers like me, the new Justice League Dark trailer offers little explanation of the concept behind new Justice League team. There is a dark entity corrupting innocent civilians and it’s up to Justice League to stop the menace. Now, this part is hell of a lot similar to Justice League vs Teen Titans where Trigon’s minion mind-controlled villains and Justice League team and it was up to Teen Titans to stop them. Using same plot device in two movies doesn’t bore well for DC animated universe. I hope the mind-control is not used throughout the Justice League Dark film.

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Is there anything Batman doesn’t know about? That scene of Batman referring to John Constantine was badass. We then see Batman, Zatanna and Deadman narrowly escaping tornado demon and taking shelter is Constantine’s House of Mystery. The rest of the trailer is about making Justice League Dark team and fighting the evil. There are some cool magic incantations, symbols and trippy dimension stuffs.

Overall, the Justice League Dark trailer promises another awesome Justice League movie. Hope that the people working behind Live-Action Justice League Dark watch this movie before concocting something weird of their own.

Starring Matt Ryan, Jason O’Mara, Camilla Luddington, Nicholas Turturro, Ray Chase and Rosario Dawson, Justice League Dark is slated for 2017 release.