Space Station Live is a 30-minutes Live Stream from the International Space Station (ISS), broadcasted by NASA daily. However, in a recent blog post on their website, NASA announced that it was planning to get rid of Space Station Live. This action has attracted widespread criticism when NASA cut it’s live feed after an UFO was seemingly caught on ISS camera.

The above broadcast has fueled speculation among alien hunters and conspiracy theorists that NASA stops the footage whenever UFOs come on screen. However, Scott C. Waring, one of the alien hunters, thinks NASA doesn’t want the public to know the truth –

I can see why NASA would want to shut the live feed down. It is teaching the public that aliens exist, and if the public learns that, then NASA is no longer needed. You learning about aliens is not what they want to happen. So, they are shutting down the live cams again.

However, the Conspiracy theorists may be getting a little ahead of themselves. In the next blog published by NASA, they denied any such claim. But they gave ambiguous response too. Here’s an excerpt from their blog published about a month ago –

The NASA TV channel is phasing out a daily, 30 minute show called “Space Station Live,” which is not the same as the live video feeds from the station. NASA TV will continue to air live coverage of dynamic space station operations, including launches, dockings, landings, spacewalks and briefings.

NASA TV also will continue to air weekly highlights of life onboard station in the short-format Space to Ground program, also available on YouTube and via podcast.

Though they did say that phasing out Space Station Live doesn’t mean discontinuing live video feed. But nowhere it’s mentioned whether there will be any actual live video feed in near future or not.