Bungie has released the teaser of Destiny 2. The teaser features Cayde-6 (voiced by everyone’s favorite ruggedly handsome rogue Nathan Fillion), regaling the audience of adventures that featured, in his own words “a lot of shooting,” while nursing a drink at a bar. The camera then pans out to show that Cayde-6 is actually battling in what appears to be the ruins of the Last City (an important Destiny location) before running back into the fight.

Bungie had confirmed that players’ characters and progression would carry over into future releases. However, this was only true for the expansions of the original Destiny. For the sequel, players who reached level 20 and completed the Black Garden quest in the original will have their characters physical appearance carry over, but not their progression (e.g., powers and gear). Bungie also plans to award veteran players with something special in the sequel to acknowledge their accomplishments in the original Destiny. Bungie stated that the original Destiny will remain online even after the release of the sequel; players’ characters will remain intact with their progression and items, and the game will be supported with patch updates.