If you are one of those people, who missed the gorgeous Disney Pixar’s Piper in theater, which was attached with ‘Finding Dory’ . Here is your chance to watch the beautiful short. Disney Pixar has released the short for public. It was Directed by Alan Barillaro and theatrically released with Pixar’s Finding Dory. It took 3 years to complete the 6 minutes of this short, using the cutting edge technology.

Disney pixar's Piper

The Disney Pixar’s Piper short involves a hungry baby sandpiper learning to overcome her fear of water. The inspiration came from less than a mile away from Pixar Studios in Emeryville, California, where veteran Pixar animator and Piper director Alan Barillaro would run alongside the shore and notice birds by the thousands fleeing from the water but returning between waves to eat.

Disney pixar's Piper

Here is the plot summary of Disney Pixar’s Piper : A flock of sandpipers hunts for food at a seashore, rushing to peck at the sand when the wave recedes and retreating when it comes in. One baby is encouraged by her mother to join the flock, but she fails to retreat in time and is drenched by the incoming surf. The incident leaves the baby terrified of the water; she refuses to leave the nest, but soon notices a group of hermit crabs digging into the sand to find deeper food and keep from being buffeted by the tide. By copying their behavior, she starts to see the beauty of the underwater world and becomes skilled at discovering food for the flock.(Courtesy: wikipedia)

You can watch the short, above.




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