The rise of the DC Extended Universe under the Warner Bros. banner has seen a steady rise as well as decline in the few years it has risen from the ashes. Man of Steel was a commercial under-performer. Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice was an overwhelmingly critical failure. Suicide Squad was a gross abomination to begin with. Only Wonder Woman and Justice League got some form of due recognition. While some movies in the DCEU will always remain classics forever, they will also be remembered for not having the ability to entice the audience anymore that has grown accustomed to the kid-friendly movies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And going with the flow, the studios of WB cancels two dc movies that have been highly anticipated among the fans until now.

Warner Bros cancels two movies

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As a result, DC Films and its parent company Warner Bros. Studios have grown wary of many of the ongoing DC projects currently in the pipeline. While the aspirations were a great many, the franchise has failed to deliver on multiple instances. Before even WB got all the criticism it so rightfully deserves, it had plans to expand the DC Extended Universe in a fashion unfathomable. There were several projects regarding obscure DC superheroes and antiheroes who were not as popular but still had a chance to rock it in the silver screen. Harley Quinn Spin-Offs, Deathstroke movie, Deadshot movie, a lobo movie and even a GL sequel was in the pipeline. None of them could have seen the light of day. Only the Deadshot movie and the Lobo movie actually managed to escape the development hell.

But by the looks of it, DC has scrapped their plans to make even a Deadshot or Lobo movie as well.

WB cancels two DC movies

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Deadshot was one of the two saving graces of David Ayer’s abomination of a movie, Suicide Squad, the other being Harley Quinn. The movie did not bomb but it was a massive critical disaster. Fans and Critics alike, the hate for the movie was universal in its entirety. But Will Smith was loved for his portrayal of Floyd Lawton. As with his recent success with Netflix’s Bright, it is now known that fans still love him. But in an interview with Discussing Films, Will Smith says his next appearance as Deadshot will be in Suicide Squad 2. A Deadshot movie, like the Lobo movie, will no more be a project under the DCEU banner says Mario F. Robbles.

WN cancels two DC movies

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Will Smith will still be a part of the DCEU though. The Rock is about to essay the role of Black Adam. Gavin O’Connor is set to direct Suicide Squad 2 and it will feature these two great actors and fans expect a lot of comedic encounters and quick, witty comebacks between the two. Deadshot could feature next in Matt Reeves Batman movie slated for 2019. He wanted a detective-esque movie for the Dark Knight. Deadshot has the criminal element in him to rock that movie if he is given a proper screen time.

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Lobo is another story though. Several directors like Guy Ritchie and Brad Peyton have come into and gone out of the Director’s chair. Several actors have been approached to play the foul mouthed Alien Bounty Hunter. Once, even the Rock was approached to play the role. 20th Century Fox’s recent success with Deadpool and Logan has opened up a world of possibilities for the DCEU and WB Studios. Lobo could be the next big R-rated thing in Hollywood.

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Whether you love the DCEU, hate it, or are somewhere in the middle, I believe you will agree when we say that the DCEU has not been a glaring success like the way Warner Bros. had hoped it to be. It has faltered, leaped and faltered again. Justice League is the most recent example of Warner Bros. doing too much in its own kitchen. If they want the fan to love the DC movies, they need to make sure that they give the fans what the fans want to see and not what the Studio wants the fans to see.

WB cancels two DC movies

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DC may have cancelled the two movies for now but it does not mean they will never get a chance in the future. This is DC taking a step back and analyzing what went wrong. Once they do, they will come back stronger and with a vision that would be crystal clear from the beginning. A Deadshot and Lobo movie could still be possible provided that DC lays the groundwork for a stronger foundation in the future.