DC Comics has a plethora of unexplored characters that could readily become fan favorites. The heroes may be lacking in popularity but they sure are intriguing. Warner Bros. has always focused on expanding the DC Extended Universe on the shoulders of mainstream superheroes like Batman, Superman and Wonder woman. But now it looks like WB studios are finally listening to the fans and diversifying their choices. DC Comics’ The Question is one hell of a detective, second only to Batman. And if rumors are indeed what they seem, WB could be working on a The Question live action movie.

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In DC Comics lore, The Question’s real name is Charles Victor Szasz. He used to be a big shot television personality. After he realizes the law enforcement of his city is corrupted, he dons the mask of The Question and becomes a vigilante. The Question has made numerous appearances in CN’s animated series Justice League Unlimited. He was also the inspiration for Rorschach, another fan favorite character from Alan Moore’s Award winning Watchmen series of the 80s.

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How do we know if The Question could soon star in his own movie. Thank Marc Guggenheim for this wonderful news. In the recent ACE Comic Con, the Arrowverse shot caller was asked whether characters like The Question could find their way into The CW’s superhero universe. Guggenheim gave a vague response that more or less confirmed our suspicions:

“I always bring him up,” Guggenheim said. “I’ve always felt like that character would be a really great fit for the tone of Arrow. That said, it’s not our characters, it’s DC’s characters and they’ve got other plans for The Question, which is awesome.”

So what Guggenheim means to say here is that as long as Warner Bros. – the owner of DC Comics, has their foot down on the character, the Arrowverse can’t so much as touch the guy. Several such instances of Arrowverse being downplayed by WB’s greater vision for the DC Extended Universe exist.

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Deathstroke played by Manu Bennett in The CW’s Arrow TV Show will soon depart the Arrowverse. DC Films are already casting Joe Manganiello for the same part in DCEU’s next Justice League sequel and they do not want the fans to get confused by two similar characters. Arrowverse’s plans for introducing a separate Suicide Squad revolving around John Diggle also failed when Suicide Squad was set to release in 2016. Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang could all have been Arrowverse property if things had gone their way for once.

“I don’t know what their plans are, but clearly they do have plans or else we would be using him,” Guggenheim responded to another fan.

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Will the Question have a live action debut in the DC Extended Universe? He has only had animated appearances as of yet in animated TV Shows. Will Arrowverse get the rights to featuring DC’ premium conspiracy theorist or will Warner Bros. dash their plans? With Time, anything can happen!