On the occassion of 2nd anniversary of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), Kejriwal gifted us with what he’s good at, another controversy and some serious news time.

On February 14th, the website of the Delhi government got shut down resulting in political parties thrashing the Kejriwal administration. And who does a better thrashing other than the opposition, Congress party.

The Delhi government’s Congress Chief Ajay Maken accused Kejriwal of betraying and giving false hope to people. His tweet ” @ArvindKejriwal, Why shut down the DelhiGovt web site? Tomorrow- 1PM at ConstitutionClub Press Conf- I will expose!”, clearly states that he is trying to expose an alleged scam that Kejriwal’s administration is trying to cover up. He took it up a notch when he included Narendra Modi in one of his speeches accusing BJP and AAP of selling “false dreams” to people who are “disillusioned” indicating Congress to get back in power. A Delhi government official said that the website is back online by thursday afternoon and added that there was some techinal issue and the IT deparment fixed it. He also said the website are run by different departments and there is no cause for them to shut the websites down.

Well, it may have been a minor maintenance issue or a server problem, we might never know, but people who became victims to Kejriwal’s allegations and comments are always on the lookout to return the same to him. Well, be careful Kejriwal, people are watching.