If there is one thing I hate is a song that is really good but has no appreciation on the web. WHATSOEVER! So, since it’s a Sunday playlist, you can have a rock playlist but then again, there are fans of other genres. So, what I’m gonna do, or rather, have done is, a playlist(scroll down/ click playlist) with a special pick of my favorite Pearl Jam songs and with them, some alternative songs and acoustics. Selective genre appreciation is not really a nice thing after all. Sure, I have selective appreciation but that doesn’t mean we don’t like other genres.

Pearl Jam:

For those of you who don’t mind rock music and wish to add to their rock music playlists, take a look at Pearl Jam. The popular band could be your introduction to grunge. It is an acquired taste, but if you are patient and give each song a full listen, you mostly will love them. Yes, I know Pearl Jam isn’t ‘underrated’; but then again, how many people speak about them today? 90’s were gold! My personal picks among these would be Alive and Crazy Mary.

Other content (Playlist below):-

Alessia Cara’s version of “How Far I’ll Go” from the movie “Moana” is a beautiful track and a ‘must listen’ in my opinion (an exception to the underrated criteria). Artists like Kelvin Jones and Luke Wade have measly views on Youtube. It’s sad that such music doesn’t reach a larger crowd. Give them a listen and you’ll find out that Youtube feeds us more trash than anything else (rant over). I hope the list makes your Sunday a better one.