We’ve had quite a few playlists out and I noticed there has never been one for road trips. A road trip playlist is a must as no trip is complete without music. I have handpicked 20 tracks with a plethora or artists. Some of them hitting you with nostalgia and the others giving you some new tastes that will end up being acquired or discarded. However, this list will ensure some fun on your travels. Road trips are fun and with the right people, they are perfect.

Who features?

Picking a playlist is kinda tricky if there is a particular theme involved. Some tracks are nostalgic due to popularity while some are perfect to sing along to. Take a dive into nostalgia with the likes of Oasis (Wonderwall), Tom Petty (Free Fallin), Backstreet Boys (Everybody) and Neil Diamond (Sweet Caroline).

Genre Shuffling: – Along with the artists, the genres are mixed too. If a person has no affinity to a particular genre then a single genre makes the playlist monotonous. I can assure you that the playlist has a variety of frequencies and enthusiasm levels. I’m not sure if it’s everyone believes in that but give it a try maybe?


Lets! Photo: – Weheartit.com

I hope this road trip playlist gives you something to enjoy whether you are on a road trip, a trek or a commute trip even (because why not?).