It’s been quite a while and we had a dry spell of music. So the best way to get back would be another Classic Rock Music playlist! The best part about classic rock playlists are that, they introduce great music to new fans and inject nostalgia into the older ones. Anyway, our playlist will be embedded below (you can also click here).


Our playlist titled “Back to the Classics” begins with the popular “Another Brick in the Wall, Part Two“. For those who aren’t aware, this song has three parts named in order of their parts respectively. “Touch too Much” by AC/DC is another all time classic. The song has a catchy progression complemented with good lead riffs (nothing unusual for AC/DC). “All Right Now” is a track by the English band ‘Free’. Contrary to popular stereotypes, this song isn’t ‘noisy’. “I Choose You” by The Offspring is one of their lesser heard songs.

Voices” by Cheap Trick is a song many ‘How I Met Your Mother’ fans can relate to. Ted Mosby sang it when he was drunk; in McLaren’s of course. “Wishlist” features in Pearl Jam’s greatest hits album – Rearviewmirror. “Tease Me, Please Me” is a song by the Scorpions who are mostly know for their track “Wind of Change”. “Rock & Roll All Nite” by KISS is probably our first KISS song to feature in the playlists. KISS fans, be aware that they featured in James Franco’s movie ‘Why Him?’. We shall sign off with one of my favorites “Civil War” by Guns N’ Roses. The song speaks about the stupidity of war, it’s naive reasons and how it’s basically a selfish action with no benefit in the end.

We hope to be regular with our playlists again. Any recommendation on genres is welcome. Also look out for our album recommendation coming in a few days.