We are back this Sunday with our second playlist from the series ‘Screw Silence, We want Rock Music’ . A judicious mix of the overheard (technically rock music can never be over heard), the heard and slightly unheard is what you will find in this playlist. With bands like Guns N Roses and Foo Fighters making our list yet again we hope that you keep coming back every weekend for us. We aim to spread rock music in the form of playlists. Do share and enjoy the playlist, it’s for you guys!

Playlist Details:-

1. Foo Fighters:- The Pretender

Foo Fighters have one of their best songs in ‘The Pretender’ with a serene lead intro which goes into a flurry of wonderful runs from the whole band that can keep you up all day.

2. Bon Jovi:- Runaway

I’m not sure how many of you will have heard this song if you aren’t a Bon Jovi fan. As a reward enjoy the solo that awaits you. This beauty is from the ‘Crossroads’ album, probably one of their best.

3. Rise Against:- Prayer of the Refugee

If you aren’t a rock listener then Rise Against might be a new name. After this song you probably go and look up the entire band.

4. Simple Plan:- Your love is just a lie

The louder the song, the better it sounds. A good way to wake up the ‘still sleeping’ neighbours that might curse you for it anyway.

5. The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus:- Face Down

This song from their album ”Don’t you Fake It” featured in the 2007 movie ‘Georgia Rule’.

6. Whitesnake:- Here I go Again

One of the most covered rock songs till date! This song never gets boring, in fact it gets better every time.

7. Guns N Roses:- Mr.Brownstone

If you’ve made it to the playlist this far, this song is your reward. Guns N Roses are much more than paradise city and sweet child of mine. The ‘popular songs only’ fans might make an effort to listen to this classic.

8. Queen:- Killer Queen

The first international hit by Queen was ‘Killer Queen’ and it is indeed a killer. It was their first US hit and UK #2.

9. Poets of the Fall:- Lift

A hit from their debut album ‘Signs of life’, Lift has a remixed version by Markus Kaarlonen that can be accessed from login details provided in the album booklet.

10. AC / DC:- Shoot to thrill

From the album ‘Back in Black’, this hit featured in Iron Man 2 after having featured in several other movies before.