It was in 1973 when the acclaimed Sci-fi writer, Michael Crichton decided to make his first directorial debut. Despite the fact that he was great at Science fiction, he didn’t actually want to start his foray into movies with a sci-fi flick. Apparently, it was the studios which were interested in producing a Sci-Fi movie for him to work on. Michael Crichton accepted the deal and made ‘Westworld’. The original movie was more of a slasher film which was set in a futuristic amusement park full of robots where one of the bots goes berserk and starts killing guests. Crichton probably never would have thought that his small film would spawn a sequel and 2 TV series in future. While the sequel and the 1st TV series were a failure, the 2nd TV series turned out to be something totally different. The 2nd Westworld series was picked up by the premium cable channel, HBO, and got a really costly ($100 million) makeover. After a lot of gushing over the show for the past 10 weeks, Westworld Season One has finally come to an end and has left us with a lot to talk about.


Being a Crichton fan, I was quite disappointed after watching the original movie. The original lacked what Crichton was really good at – integrating science in the story in such a beautiful way that you just couldn’t stop thinking about it. I am really happy to say that this problem has been resolved in the brand new TV adaptation of the movie by HBO and Jonathan Nolan. Westworld Season One puts the Science back in Science-Fiction while fathoming on several other aspects of this fictional world.

Westworld is a brilliant slow burn drama at its core which develops on its sci-fi mythos while presenting the audience a delicate tale of existential crisis using Robots and Humans. I have already done a Westworld review episode 1 on the basic premise of the show and its first impressions which you could check out in the link below, so here I would just focus on my final opinion about this show and consider this my Westworld finale review without any spoilers.

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Westworld’s beauty doesn’t lie in its special effects or its plot which keeps on getting bigger, better and more expanded. It lies in the questions and speculations it brought on with every passing week. Huge fan communities started popping up all over the internet with their own fan theories and questions. Many of the fan theories even ended up being true but that never affected the show’s charm. It remained satisfactory until the end and finished its convoluted plot with a brilliant season finale which answered all the big questions while raising some new ones.


Westworld Season One was wonderful and I loved it but it still has some flaws. It is at times not able to strike a perfect balance in telling the stories of all the characters without some of them feeling left behind. This problem was felt the most in the 2nd episode which focused a lot on Maeve’s story and other characters didn’t get much screentime. For this problem, they should take notes from their sibling network show, Game of Thrones, which also boasts a large number of characters but doesn’t make it feel as if any particular character is getting too much attention.

It goes without saying that Westworld is a must for every Sci-Fi and TV Show lover out there. Westworld Season One is a new feather in the cap for HBO. Just go for it, you won’t be disappointed.



Westworld Season One REVIEW: These Violent Delights had a Mind Blowing End
Westworld is a game changer in the field of Science Fiction and makes the audience think while expanding its mythos.
Creativity 90%
Music & Sound Effects100%
Cinematography 100%
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  • Exploration of A.I.
  • Character Development
  • Extremely Good Background Score
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  • Screentime of some characters
94%Overall Score
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