With over 7,000 chemicals realized each time you light a cigarette, it’s no surprise that smoking is one of the leading causes of preventable deaths worldwide.

The stats are from the World Health Organization. In short, Smoking is as dangerous as cheating on your mobster girlfriend with a drug lord’s wife.

So, the Question at hand is what happens when 1.4 billion are people smoking would stop smoking?

Well, the Obvious answer is they all life longer, increasing the pressure on our civic amenities while our government and law and order enforcement bodies crumble due to overpopulation to a point where there are chaos and anarchy, and cannibalism is the only legit way to live. Welcome to the world of Mad Max. You get the picture.

But before all that happens, let’s stake baby steps to our impending doom.

20 Minutes of Quitting:

Just 20 minutes in

Your blood pressure and heart rate return to normal, this is because the nicotine in cigarettes releases Epinephrine and Norepinephrine which increases your heart rate and narrowed blood vessels. These effects are also responsible for your extremities such as your hands and feet to feel colder but by now they would have returned to normal temperature.

2 Hours In:

The nicotine cravings are back, you will feel moodiness drowsiness intense feelings and even difficulty sleeping.


Well, nicotine also releases more dopamine than normal. Yes, dopamine. The chemical responsible for making you feel good. Your dopamine levels return to normal, these are what is known as withdrawal effects. Where your body fights back demanding more dopamine.

Seriously is it worth it, going against your own body?

8 Hours After:

You are getting there …

The inhaled Carbon Monoxide clears allowing more oxygen levels in your blood stream. While you smoked, there was a serious completion between the Oxygen and Carbon Monoxide to bind with hemoglobin in your blood, as it clears our now there is more oxygen available for your body.

Fun fact: long-term smokers develop larger red blood cells, because of the above-mentioned completion, so that every cell can carry more oxygen.

So, smoking was like the gym for your blood cells, though larger red blood cells would increase your blood pressures but we all know size does matter.

24 hour. Why are you still not smoking?

Coughing increases. It’s your bodies way of throwing out the toxic waste from your lungs. Additional to the annoying coughing, chances of you developing various coronary artery diseases decreases.

After 48 hours:

Congratulation, your body has successfully eliminated nicotine and all its metabolites. Your damaged nerve endings start to regrow.

Tar and other chemicals in cigarettes, destroy your taste buds. Well, they will start coming back and with them back food will start tasting way better.


Luckily chronic smokers may have permanently damaged their taste buds, so they can now relax.

72 hours:

Nicotine withdrawal peaks, you have headache nausea cramps along with anxiety depression etc. But if you survive this the worst is actually over.

1 month:

The risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes, cancer and other cardiovascular diseases have already decreased.

3-9 months:

The damaged cilia and your lungs have almost fully repaired. And thus, syndromes like coughing and shortness are completely cured.

1 year:


You are not likely to die due to heart diseases. Smoking causes fatty materials and scar tissues to join forces and clog your arteries, well in absence of cigarettes the unity of the fat and the tissues is now broken. No more Open heart or Bypass surgery for you.

10 years:

Your chances of getting a lung cancer are now half to someone who never quit smoking.

15 years:

Chances of you having a heart attack are now same as of a guy who never smoked in his entire life.

100 years:

Sure You Don’t want it.

Earth population is now full of nonsmokers, average life expectancy is now 200 years. We have 30 billion. There is now place. Please start smoking again. Please