So, the latest android version is here, Android O, whose first developer’s preview has been released a couple of days back. It brought a major overhaul to the latest android devices and also included a lot of future proofing. So here are to top 10 features which we thought you should know,

1. Optimized Battery life

Something that every android user is longing for. Google has taken up the battery optimization from its marshmallow edition when it introduced the Doze feature, which puts the phone’s background processes to the minimum while it’s asleep, thus giving longer stand by times. And Google promises to tackle with the battery problems with improved efficiency by dealing with the apps running in the background. Now, apps while running in the background have limited functionality especially in three areas, background services, location updates, and broadcasts. Some of you might find it similar because that’s how Apple has been tackling the background apps from the start.

2. Enhanced Notifications Control

Android O will let you have more control over what and how notifications should appear in the notification area through a feature called Notifications Channels. It lets you group your notifications and set the priority and visibility of your notification.


3. Snooze Notifications

Snooze strikes notifications. To make us procrastinate even more. Nevertheless, it’s an excellent feature to have on board. Now, when you have a notification on your lock screen, you can just slide towards left and snooze it for 15,30, and 60 mins.

4. Picture-in-Picture

We’ve seen this feature in iPads all along, and Android O has finally caught up to this feature and introduced it finally, which was long overdue. What it means is, you can watch a video on a small screen which can be moved while you’re working on a different app. But it’s still to be seen to which extent this will be incorporated into the app. The apps which will probably use this feature are, YouTube, Netflix. Rejoice binge watchers.

5. Autofill APIs

Android O now allows third party password managers like Lastpass access t autofill forms like usernames and passwords in most of the apps. Autofill for various forms are also available and now will work not only in chrome but in all the apps on the play store.

6. Lock screen shortcuts

Instead of boring shortcuts, we’re provided on the lock screen in Nougat, we can now choose our own set of shortcuts to have on the lock screen. For example, when you swipe left you can add a shortcut to your loved one’s contact and selfie camera towards the right. So, never miss out on those selfies.

7. HiFi Bluetooth Audio

HiFi ( High Fidelity) Audio is now supported through Android O which means it can now transfer better audio through Bluetooth and also through the headphone jack. But it also depends on the kinda headphones you’re using. Google suggests Sony’s MDR-1000X on-ear headphones. Google thanked Sony for its support in developing this feature. Audiophiles are sure to get a treat from this.

8. Wide Color Gamut

We’ve heard once or twice about this term in some of the high-end phones. What it means is that the screen provides a wider range of colors which can let apps use much more detailing which building them up. This is the future proofing we mentioned earlier. Photo editing apps are benefitted mostly. And pictures will look more amazing. Though most of them don’t support this yet, as we get better models and better phones we can see putting this feature to use. 

9. Adaptive Icons

Developers, when designing the icon for their apps, now get unified app icon style to make them fall into the design language of Android O. A relief to the developers.


10. Keyboard Integration

Android O packs a lot of sweet treats, here is another one, for people using android tablets with keyboards will now get to use shortcuts and better integration into the Android O’s OS. It improves the accessibility and ease of usage.


Those are the top 10 features which we liked. The developer preview is only available for a handful of devices like, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Pixel C Chromebook, Pixel, and Pixel XL. You can download the developer’s preview and get the details on how to flash it here. And in case you’re wondering about the timeline of when the  version comes out here is something that’ll help you.


Now, let’s get down to the pressing question, What is the next Android version named after? Is it Oatmeal Cookie, Orangesicle, or Oreo? What do you think guys? Let us know in the comments below.