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Title: Whispers in the Dark

Author: Ruskin Bond

Genre: Short Stories/Horror Stories

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Within these pages you will befriend Jimmy the jinn who has trouble keeping his hands to himself, be witness to the mischief of the pisach and churel who live in the peepul tree, and find yourself in the company of a bloodthirsty vampire cat, besides other tales and curiosities that are guaranteed to send a delicious shiver down your spine!

Written in Bond’s inimitable style and riveting to the core, this beautifully illustrated book is a must-have for anyone with a taste for the macabre.

My Review:

It’s been almost 9 years since I read my first book of Mr. Bond’s. A certain book called Children’s Omnibus, and I have fallen in love with his short stories since then. The freshness of Blue Umbrella still lingers in my mind and the character Rusty made me experience all a struggling budding writer would experience.

Now, Mr. Bond returns with a book full of Dark Ghost stories which will make your spine shiver and I guarantee you these stories will haunt you in your dreams. He innately questions why always these ghosts hang on peepul trees? Why peepul trees are very popular among Indian ghosts? With his unique narrating skills, Mr. Bond introduces you to many kinds of ghosts which are popular in India, and in this book mostly in Hill areas, like prets and bhoots, both the spirits of dead men; and the churels, ghosts of women who change their shape after death. Then there is this pisach, a sort of hobgoblin; and the munija, a mischievous, and sometimes sinister, evil spirit.

With the stories set in abandoned houses, ghostly looking bungalows, mountain villages which are said to be haunted in some parts, Mr. Bond will take you on a journey with him to give you an experience of living in places which are surrounded by supernatural stories.

Final Verdict: 

If you are a Bond fan like me, or not, I’m sure you’ll enjoy these short stories. So, pick this up when you hit the bookstore next time.

Whispers in the Dark (Book Of Spooks) by Ruskin Bond - Book Review
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