How can dungeons and dragons dice help your game significantly? You have to have the right components to give you the best chances in a game. Learn more here.

Getting ready for the upcoming Dungeons and Dragons adventure, Descent into Avernus? Are you in a regular tabletop group or a fan of shows like Critical Role?

Before you hop into your next D&D game, make sure you have the right Dungeons and Dragons dice! They can affect your sessions more than you’d think.

Not sure what the differences are and the benefits of owning great dice sets? We’re here to lay it out for you. Read on below to learn how great dice change your game and a few tips to pick the best set:

1. Genuine Rolls

Ever tried to use light plastic dice sets? They’re affordable but they don’t roll well. They don’t have enough weight to roll more than a few times.

This means players can cheat rolls by controlling how high or how fast they let go of the dice. You could toss a light d4 straight up so that it will land exactly you desired. 

You can remedy this by getting the right dice. They should be slightly heavier compared to the plastic ones found in most board games. Look for plastic dice that have a solid filling, ensuring they can roll farther.

You could also buy metal dice. They roll well but their sharp edges could damage your table. If you’ll use metal dice, get a dice tray or mat.

2. Consistency in the Randomness

Did you know the dice used in Dungeons and Dragons are different from those in Magic the Gathering or casinos? Magic the Gathering uses “spindown” dice, which means the numbers beside each other are in sequential order. The numbers on D&D dice, at least at first glance, seem random. 

While there is no industry standard, most D&D dice place high and low numbers at opposite ends and beside each other. This rule particularly applies to dice with a lot of faces, such as the D12 and the D20 (12-sided and 20-sided dice). 

Manufacturers do this to ensure there’s a consistent chance of rolling high and low numbers. Imagine if all the high numbers were on one side of the die — players might cheat to ensure they always roll and land in that area. With the opposite system in place, players get a consistent chance regardless of which side the die lands.

Weight and Edges

Consistency doesn’t end with the way manufacturers arrange the numbers. The best D&D dice set also has consistent weight distribution and sharpness with the edges.

The best dice have slightly rounded edges since this helps them roll more. They should also have even weight distribution, guaranteeing the dice won’t naturally favor one side over the other. Cheaters work around this by “loading” their dice, adding weight on one side so that the dice lands on a higher number more often.

How do you know if you got evenly-weighed dice? Get a glass of water and fill it with a few tablespoons of salt. Keep adding salt until your d20 can float.

Once your die floats, tap it and let it “roll” on the water. Write down the number and note if it’s above or below 10. Keep doing this several times and then get the ratio of high and low numbers to rolls.

Consistent dice give you an even ratio or something close to even. If your die favors low rolls or high rolls, the weight is off and it’s time to replace it.

3. Faster Games

Having the right DnD dice set can also keep the pace of your games faster. Who hasn’t experienced putting a game on hold for a minute or two because the players can’t read the numbers? Who hasn’t experienced dice where the numbers are so strange that you can’t differentiate 6 from 9?

The right set features clearer, easier to read numbers. You should be able to read the numbers and tell a 6 from a 9 at a glance. 

Yes, you could work around this problem by using a Dungeons and Dragons dice roller or DnD dice online app. However, the formulae used in these apps don’t reflect the same symmetry and randomness of rolling physical dice.

There’s also the issue of relying on an electronic device. Some dice rollers need an online connection, meaning you can’t use them once you lose your Internet connection. Even those available offline become useless if your phone battery runs out or if you don’t have it with you.

Physical dice with clear numbers is the better route. 

4. Inspiration for Characters

Owning the right dice set does more than boost the mechanics and flow of your tabletop games. Great dice can also add a bit more flavor and inspire you to make new characters!

Got a new set of metal dice? That might inspire you to make a paladin clad in heavy armor. Also, if that dice set roll low then you could alter the paladin’s personality to reflect his poor luck.

Did you recently buy a set of pink dice covered in glitters? Why not make a flamboyant character like a bard and use that dice set whenever you play as that character? 

Tips to Get the Right Dice

Love these benefits? That’s great, but you’ll only get to enjoy them if you purchase the right dice. 

Start by checking the material. You often have to pick between metal and plastic. As mentioned above, heavier dice are better. 

If you have to go with plastic, make sure they’re not hollow. Check the edges too and check how well the dice roll. You might not have ideal dice if they don’t bounce and roll before settling.

Perform the water test too. This ensures you get a fair ratio between high and low rolls.

Make sure you don’t use a spindown dice set! You won’t get consistently random rolls with a spindown set.

Get the Best Dungeons and Dragons Dice!

Getting the right Dungeons and Dragons dice can make your games faster, fair, and consistent. The right dice guarantee more fun and they may inspire you for the next character or storyline.

That said, D&D doesn’t end with dice. You need other materials and adventure modules too. If you need help picking what to get next, feel free to read more of our guides today!