It is said reptilian aliens which are also called reptoids are proportional in size to modern humans. they have a snake like or lizard like appearance. They’re often viewed as being dangerous disposition given the fact that they consider human race inferior to them.


Reptilians are around 7-9 feet tall, have green scaly skin, 3 long fingers, holes for ears, large eyes and muscular legs and arms. There have been reports of reptilians with and without tails, with and without wings and hidden genitalia.

David Icke is an english writer and a public speaker. Icke has made his name as a professional conspiracy theorist since the 1990s, calling himself a “full time investigator into what and who actually is controlling the world”. David talks about a small group that has ruled the planet years now and have passed the legacy of their rule from generation to generation through their bloodline. He also points out that the past 43 U.S presidents are some or the other way related and that 33 of the presidents bloodline can be tracked back to the bloodline of Charlemagne- the king of England.


The newly elected U.S president, Trump is also one of the celebrities with power being accused of being a reptilian.  Many of his behavioral characteristics have pointed towards the doubt. It was observed during one of his speeches,  that his eyeball gradually changed to that like of a lizard or snake and after a couple of blinks it  turned back to normal. Besides, many believe that almost all his videos shows shape-shifting characteristics.

12 million Americans think that the government of U.S is run by by shape shifting lizards. Is Donald Trump one of them?