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UFO, abbreviated for Unidentified Flying Object, has been a subject of speculation for centuries. Many people from around the world have claimed to see such mysterious flying objects. Today, UFO is strongly associated with alien – residents from outer world – spaceships. But, according to Oxford dictionary, UFO means any flying object having no record, thereby making its identification impossible. Like other nations, India too has its own fair share of UFO accounts. Almost every state has witnessed these flying object once or twice. But there is one region in India where UFO sighting is so common that it has become part-n-parcel of the native people’s lives. The UFO sightings in Ladakh and its nearby regions of Jammu & Kashmir have baffled even the most skeptic of non-believers.

Ladakh in Jammu & Kashmir is part of Kongka Pass, alternatively known as Kongka La. Kongka La is an elevated mountain route on Line of Actual Control (LAC) between India and China. Located at an altitude of 5,171 m, Kongka La is a disputed area between the two nations. The southwestern part of this pass is held by India and comes under Ladakh, while the northeastern part is held by China and comes under Aksai Chin. Kongka La is one of the least accessible regions not only due to its altitude, but also due to an agreement signed between both nations. The agreement restrains the troops to patrol in this region. The Kongka La pass of both side is strange and mysterious.

The circled areas experience UFO sightings on a regular basis.

The circled areas experience UFO sightings on a regular basis.


Indian Army and Indo-Tibetan Border Police Force (ITBP) posted in Ladakh region have reported many cases of UFOs. An ITBP unit based in Thakung, near Pangong Tso Lake reported as many as 100 sightings of luminous objects in space of just two months between August 1 and October 15. Fearing this act as China’s violation of the agreements, the army prepared reports and sent to Delhi Headquarters and PMO. The reports described the sightings as ‘Unidentified Luminous Objects’ visible both in day and night. These objects were spherical in shape and rose from the horizon on Chinese side, slowly traversing the sky for three to five years before disappearing. As Drone and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are verified and logged separately by the official, they confirmed that those flying objects were none of the above. The report also contained some hazy photographs taken by the ITBP which proved their point.

To investigate the matter further, in early September, the Army brought a mobile ground-based radar unit and a spectrum analyser to the highest mountaintop near the Pangong Tso lake. A spectrum analyser picks up frequencies emitted from any object. Since the object were luminous, the spectrum analyser, in theory, could pick up the frequencies of those objects very easily.
However, the radar could not detect the object which was very much visible to the naked eyes. This proved that the objects were made of non-metallic material. The spectrum analyser too could not detect any signals being emitted from them. The army also flew a reconnaissance drone in the direction of floating luminous objects. But the drone lost sight of the objects when it reached its maximum altitude.

But the Indian Army was adamant to uncover the mystery behind the flying luminous objects. In late September, a team of astronomers were called from the Indian Astronomical Observatory at Hanle, who studied the airborne phenomena for three days. The team spotted the flying objects, Army officials say, but could not conclusively establish what they were. They did, however, say that the objects were “non celestial” and ruled out meteors and planets.

These sudden appearance and disappearance of luminous objects were definitely strange. But still, it was nothing compared to what came next. When asked about these luminous objects, the then Defense Minister A K Antony told parliament that there was “no conclusive proof of sighting of unidentified flying objects over the Sino-Indian Border”. He also produced research documents of the astronomers who had studied the UFOs. Oddly enough, the astronomers had retracted from their previous statement. The research document said that the soldiers had simply misidentified the objects as Chinese drones. However, Chinese officials soon denied that claim citing that, as per video, five drones cannot fly so close to each other. So, Why did the government try to hide these luminous objects? Why the astronomers retracted their previous statement? Does government knew about these luminous objects well in advance?

As per the official record, none of the agencies including Defense Research Development Organization (DRDO), National Technical Research Organization (NTRO), Army and the ITBP have been able to identify these luminous flying objects till date. These luminous objects are still common in the area. The army units now ignore them and carry on with their mission as if there is nothing up there. However, about a decade ago, these mysterious light orbs were accompanied by actual aliens!


Though the official story says that these luminous objects are just Chinese drones, they fail to explain what is believed to be the clearest UFO sighting yet, in the Lahaul-Spiti region of Himachal Pradesh less than 100 km south of Ladakh in 2004. A five-member group of geologists and glaciologists led by Dr Anil Kulkarni of the ISRO’s Space Applications Centre in Ahmedabad were on a research trip through the barren Samudra Tapu Valley. They filmed a four-foot tall robot-like figure, that walked along the valley, 50m away from them. The humanoid object then rapidly became airborne and disappeared. The encounter lasted 40 minutes. In an interview with India’s leading magazine publisher, he described the structure and properties of the mysterious robot-like figure –

“The object was about four feet in height with a red balloon and many white ones. It hovered around for about 45 minutes some 200 metres from us. We were curious to know more and took photographs. There were balloons attached to this unusual object. It had ‘legs’ but we could not see the ‘hands’. It was moving closer to the hilltop. The object started moving in our direction when we started walking towards it. But when our porters made a noise, it moved away towards the hilltop. Interestingly when it was exposed to the sun, it turned black and in the shadow of the hill, it became white.”

robot structure

It was seen by 14 persons including the six scientists. Kulkarni then interviewed each expedition member separately to verify what the team had seen. Copies of his detailed report were circulated to the PMO, ISRO, the Army and several intelligence agencies. Kulkarni established his team hadn’t seen natural phenomenon. The matter, however, was buried soon after.

A robot like figure walking strangely

A robot like figure walking strangely

Sunil Dhar, who was part of the 2004 expedition, terms the sighting of the unidentified object an unforgettable experience. These are unsolved mysteries that need more intensive study, he says. Left unexplained, the Ladakh sightings risk slipping into the crack between fact and science fiction.


The proofs of extraterrestrial beings have also appeared on the other side of the border. In 2004, a Chinese armored brigade, outfitted with T-80 main battle tanks, was ordered to proceed to the border from the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) base in Niuke. But when the tanks got to Zhada, they got a real surprise.

Out of nowhere, an artificial lake created west of Zhada, which happened to be very close to the Indian border. The lake filled the Langchui River Valley (in India, Langchui River is better known as Sutlej River) and threatened to flood the Indian side. Even with such imminent threat, surprisingly, neither India, nor China investigated the incident. The armored brigade returned to their base in Niuke.

As if the sudden appearance of the lake was not bizarre enough, the local Chinese people reported that the lake disappeared the very next day! Only a small portion of the lake remained which was no longer a threat to the Indian villagers. So, what really happened? What caused an artificial lake of such enormous size? More importantly, what or who reduced its size to save the locals?

The answers to above questions is still missing. However, many UFO conspiracy theorists from both sides came up with half baked ideas, which may or may not be true. Krishnari Bai Dharapurnanda, a UFO Roundup correspondent based in India said –

“It appears that the aliens melted a glacier and created the temporary lake to prevent those Chinese tanks from reaching the border. There are many rumours at the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). They say these UFOs are definitely planning and building a fortress in the Himalayas for a purpose known only to the aliens themselves.”

Similar story was in the air on the Chinese side. Chen Jilian, the UFO Rounduo correspondent of China claimed that the aliens were working with one of the political parties –

“No news is coming out of the Langchui Valley. It is a military region with very tight security. But the rumour is, the Extraterrestrials are active in the region with the collusion of the (Chinese Communist) Party and New Delhi, to ward off an attack from the Anglo-Americans and the Israelis.”


A hazy image of UFO

A hazy image of UFO

Since 2004, UFOs of all shapes and sizes – from large cylindrical objects to small speedy discs – have seen both day and night. The locals (both Indian and Chinese) say that the UFOs are often sighted emerging out of the ground. Most of them believe that there are underground bases of UFO in Kongka La and both the Indian and Chinese governments are well aware of this fact. They start laughing when they are asked about those UFO sightings. They get surprised why the governments are so eager to hide the obvious facts.

On their way to Mount Kailash, some Hindu pilgrims noticed strange lights in the sky which looked like silent luminous crafts emerging out from the beneath the ground and moving vertically up towards the sky. Some pilgrims tried to go and investigate the site, but were refused entry by both the Chinese and Indian soldiers in the restricted area. Detailed conversation with Indian security personnel revealed that the incidents of luminous UFOs with amplified and modulated lights emerging from underground are true. However, they had instructions not to allow any unauthorized personnel near the restricted area.

In 2006, young children of the area entered into a drawing contest in one of the local schools. More than half of the drawings had to do with strange objects in the sky and some coming out of the mountains. Many of them even know what and when to look for. A young boy in Nepal drew a picture of what appears to be an extraterrestrial flying object. He saw it while playing with many friends on the ground. The boys reported that these vehicles have no sound and can take off vertically.

Drawing of children during a competition!

Drawing of children during a competition!


Many UFO researchers believe that there are hidden UFO bases under the ocean and deep under the ground. The internal geography of Kongka La is unique.

Notice the fault lines at the tip of India

Notice the fault lines at the tip of India

Kongka La is the region where the Eurasian and the Indian Tectonic plates have converged to create convergent plate boundaries. Convergent plate boundaries are formed where one plate dives under another. This is one of the very few regions in the world where the depth of the earth crust is almost double than the normal depth. This gives the liberty of creation of underground extra-terrestrial bases deep into the tectonic plates.

So, hypothetically, if alien species are present on Earth, then Kongka La is the best possible place for them to establish their base of operation and carry out their experiments. The place is remote with fewer population and the crust is very thick as discussed above.


Though UFOs have been sighted throughout Ladakh and Aksai Chin area on the chinese side, the maximum UFO cluster formations happen around Aksayqin Hu Lake which is just 70 miles from Kongka La in Aksai Chin area. The geography of this lake is very unique. On the bottom of this lake is a very big black hole. If you think that it is simply a natural crevice, hear this. The entrance of this black hole is linked to a very long, straight path that awfully looks like a runway! Mind=Blown! See for yourself below.

Wierd formation

You can find the Black hole in Aksayqin Hu Lake by going to these coordinates on the google map –

Possible UFO Base?

Possible UFO Base?

35°10’39.74″N 79°50’27.91″E

What makes this whole thing even stranger is that there is a scale model of this lake. In June 2006, satellite imagery of Google Earth revealed a 1:500 scale detailed terrain model of the area in question on the Chinese side of the border.

The scale model of Aksayqin Lake and its nearby area and a military facility nearby.

The scale model of Aksayqin Lake and its nearby area and a military facility nearby.

Above construction is located in the remote chinese village of Huangyangtan. The scale model is complete with lakes, valleys and snow-caped peaks. What’s more bizarre than the scale model of Aksayqin Hu Lake area is the presence of well structured military installation inside the red circle. The military installation does look man-made. So, the big question that arise now is WHY? Why would China or anyone else go to such lengths to simply create a model of a region that has no strategic or economic importance? Does China know about UFOs and alien’s secret base in the lake?

decoy model


Sometimes, truth is stranger than fiction. While the UFO theory cannot be completely dismissed out of hand, a more plausible explanation can be of China’s underground secret military base. Since winning the Aksai Chin area from India in 1962 Sino-Indian war, China has been fierce in defending the land from India, even though the region holds no strategic and economic importance. They went to great lengths to lure India in signing the border restraint agreement of Kongka La. So what if all of this was simply a front for some sinister plan being carried out by China in the Aksayqin La lake area. Since Aksayqin La lake is just 70 miles from Kongka La, any chinese activity would have been easily intercepted by ITBP patrolling the indian side of Kongka La had India not signed the agreement.

If the Black Hole in Aksayqin Hu lake is the entrance to Chinese underground secret military base, then a lot of strange sighting can be explained. The periodic luminous objects could be Chinese experimental aircrafts being tested. The robotic figure seen by Dr. Kulkarni can again be an experimental robot designed by China. The 1:500 scale model of Aksayqin Hu lake and the disputed Aksai Chin area can be a training ground for the pilots – possibly helicopter jockeys – designed to familiarize them with the landscape, so that they can test the experimental aircrafts later on.

Above explanation does sound believable, but, as a matter of fact, we don’t know for sure whether its the whole truth or not. Is China behind all the UFO fiasco? Or Are aliens actually living in Kongka La? Or Is it mixture of both – Given the rate of advancement China has seen in last decade, is it possible that they are working with the aliens for the same? Questions are many, but only a handful (or even none) know the answers. This will be all from this installment of Xtrascoop’s Mystery Diaries. Did you like this article? Are you intrigued by Kongka La? What, according to you, is the real reason behind the mystery of Kongka La. Comment below, let us know. So, until next time, Have a good day ahead!